Asset Management of Family Offices

Integrated and Needs-Based Real Estate Management
Family assets with large areas of land require professional asset management and careful risk control as different family members have different risk preferences, investment aims and security needs.

CFE assists family offices with their individual investment policies and is accustomed to catering for differing preferences of family members. Risk-type, income-withdrawal options, increases in value and potential commercial profits can be individually optimised.

Here are some of the options available:

  • position as a limited partner in a "limited partnership which manages assets" (taxable private property)
  • public companies as an investment vehicle and profit neutralisation in profits from sales through Section 6b of the German Income Tax Act
  • shareholder loans at basic interest rates plus a share of the profits
  • liability remuneration for risk-bearers
  • purchase rights (options) of family properties
  • share deals in exits from project development
  • compartmentalisation of different types of risk by separating investment asset classes
  • dissolving loss-sharing agreements
  • re-arranging family-based shareholder structures
  • using external asset management
  • pool contracts for pooling interests