Workout / Non Performing Loans

As an outsourcing partner and service provider, CFE provides efficient solutions management of non-performing property loans (NPL).
It buys liabilities and provides services for third parties in valuation projects for property-secured loan portfolios.
In doing this, CFE has an extensive track-record as a management partner and service provider of various workout departments of various banks.

Professional Work-Out Management of NPLs :

CFE has task-force groups which take direct care of analysing and disposing of unfortunate situations, maintenance bottlenecks, vacancies and other administrative "sins" connected with collateral properties on which such non-performing loans are based.
We provide the necessary amalgamation of property data, key accounting figures and specific features of the apartment buildings, their position on the market, history, tenants etc. provide robust decision-making bases for full constructive and energy-related client care for/against tenants, municipal administrations and interested tenants.
Dilapidated or unprofitable apartment buildings can be restructured, losses in value considerably reduced and probable valuation results may approximate former collateral value.