Transaction Management

Whether buying or selling, CFE has many years of experience in "real estate investment". We assist vendors and investors at all stages of the transaction process with the following services:

Advising Vendors:

- establishing the marketing strategy up to conclusion of the sale
- calculating a market-based sale price
- preparing property documentation

Advising Purchasers:

- acquiring individual properties or portfolios
- coordinating due diligence processes
- valuing real estate
- identifying investment options
- support in purchase agreement negotiations.

Property and Market Analyses:

- calculating and preparing up-to-date property and management figures
- property valuation
- macro and micro-analyses, including individual clusters
- calculating potential value and risks
- rolling forecasts


- preparing detailed exposés and teasers
- presenting the property in an information memorandum
- extracting development potential 
- selective approach to potential buyers
- conducting structured bid procedures

Structuring Data Rooms:

- preparing digital property files via a secure, web-based system with permanent access to all property documents
- professional, transparent process management in supporting sales mandates
- ongoing action-controlling and reporting to defined players
- coordinating and conducting data/transaction negotiations

Mediation between Purchaser/Vendor:

- structuring and implementing the transaction process
- calculating & controlling the transaction risk
- designing negotiating tactics
- acquiring properties (due diligence: "commercial & technical")
- cash-flow modelling
- market-based price-calculation
- price negotiations
- special calculation (property taxes, structural condition analyses, contamination)
- advice and support in financing negotiations