Consolidation & Restructuring

Sometimes a company gets into difficulties. Market developments, bad debts and drops in orders can impair capital reserves over the short term and negative financing parameters can cause mid/long-term problems.

Difficult situations often lead to the wrong decisions as a reaction. This can further increase the company's problems.

CFE has the best advisors and expertise for helping you find a solution.

It is irrelevant at which stage of the problem you approach us.

We help you analyse the causes, identify necessary corrective measures and advise you on how to implement solutions. If necessary, we will design the necessary restructuring measures outlined by the German Company Transformation Act (merger, spin-off, change of company form or assets transfer) or outside it (especially in accretions and contributions).

If the crisis is so advanced that restructuring is not feasible, we will help you wind up the company. We will also help you with individual advice in matters concerning insolvency law.

As a licensed KfW consultant in turnarounds, IHK Round Table, ESUG, moderating meetings with creditors, explaining moratoriums incl. debt waiver negotiations in meetings with creditors, appraisals, preparation of reports on continued viability to winding-up work as certified receivers, CFE AG has the expertise and competence in every aspect of this consulting segment.

We treat you enquiries on this subject confidentially.