Investment & Financing

Active companies regularly recognise optimisation potential and adapt their corporate culture, product innovations and successful marketing to the market and trends in demand.

Often, pioneering trends cannot only be financed with reserves; suitable investment financing is also required.

In this context and given low interest rates, not only the usual meetings with your house bank suggest themselves.

Existing companies are also entitled to subsidies; the free capital market is increasingly looking for short and mid-term investment opportunities in small medium-sized companies via venture participation. Financing components of this nature can compensate for existing proof of equity.

  • follow-on financing
  • participation capital / risk capital
  • equity support
  • optimising the collateral structure
  • credit extensions
  • debt rescheduling
  • optimising equity and debt capital structure
  • interest and repayment negotiations
  • "brainstorming" to reduce debt capital costs
  • debt waiver negotiations.