CFE develops needs-based, long-term financing for all aspects of your company concept.

There are:

  • ~3,200 subsidy programmes in Germany;
  • 1,200 EU subsidy programmes;
  • 19,754 pages of subsidy guidelines;
  • 100 programmes change every month;
  • the conditions change daily;
  • The "subsidy jungle": "Everyone's heard about it but nobody knows how to handle it!"

It's better to invest a few days in the right financing than to work for many years at overly-high interest rates!

Subsidies such as low-interest subordinated loans, lost/non-repayable investment allowances, investment subsidies, R&D funding and sureties are a necessary alternative to classical bank financing.

Companies in difficulties, undergoing reorganisation, investing for the future or restructuring, consolidation loans – there is substitute equity capital funding, sureties and subsidies for everything.

A subsidy check costs little – insolvency will cost you everything!