A rating creates trust capital

By far the largest number of companies do not need to publish their ratings. For these, it is important to communicate their creditworthiness to their creditors bilaterally convincingly. To this end, companies should know the criteria according to which the "failure risk of an address" is assessed in the mind of the creditors. Knowing this, entrepreneurs might try to steer the company to ensure a "portable" credit rating.

In addition to the need for published credit ratings, there is therefore a great need for private credit ratings.
The assessment of their creditworthiness is very important for companies.

Against this background it is crucial that private credit ratings also follow a recognized methodology and are comprehensible in terms of content in order to gain trust.

As a member of the Bundesverband der Ratinganalysten, we follow the recognized Code of Conduct of the Association.
Our accredited credit rating analysts carry a seal from the Federal Association and are characterized by a certificate from the Federal Association as a "Credit Rating Analyst (BdRA)".

The Federal Association thus creates the basis for comprehensible assessments of creditworthiness, which are consistent with the personal qualification of the rating analysts on the one hand and, on the other hand, by providing a Code of Conduct, which the accredited Certifed Rating Analyst (BdRA) With the recognized rules for the development of credit ratings.

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