CFE is a service provider, consultant and appraiser in various disciplines of business with over 25 years' experience and performance.
We obtain assignments due to regular recommendations, practical, results-oriented creativity, dynamic advice and personal/professional commitment of every employee at CFE.
The quality and added value of our services is our segmented specialisation.
The high professional knowledge, combination of facts from individual disciplines regularly produces value and returns-based success!

We guarantee stability and confidence in the following activities:

  • CFE's assured independence assures conflict-free, exclusive protection of our clients' interests
  • financed via equity capital
  • ethical actions according to our code of conduct
  • reliability, integrity and discretion

The key factor for us is a functioning chemistry and a relationship based on trust between client and service provider.

As a medium-sized company we offer and experience with our clients an intensive, joint "advisory life" without reduced quality in our claim to gain results and permanence which is always greater and more efficient than in large "consultancy-tanks".

Our clients demand frank analyses, robust asset management information, comprehensively-functioning property management, appraisal reports for handling or continuing business, company valuations and consolidated, forward-looking strategic advice.

For you as a property owner, advice on assets/real estate is a traditional focal point of our activities. Based on years of well-developed professionalism, these include administering/restructuring distressed assets and real estate valuation due to distressed properties secured by land charges.

Annual re-investment in training and qualifications of our consulting team ensure top, modern client service quality according to the principles of value-oriented, integrated consulting services.
The entire process-chain functions according to the "market-to-customer" model.
CFE  certified according to ISO 9001 ff and additional certifications as a rating analyst and estate rating are currently being sought.
This increases our in-house consulting approach and long-term capacity against third parties.

Main Services:

  • management consulting
  • asset management
  • property management
  • restructuring / reorganisation
  • transactions/valuation/distressed properties
  • factoring
  • company reorganisation
  • company succession

Medium-sized companies (SMEs),  private property/portfolio owners and investors, building clients, municipalities, banks, family offices, receivers through to institutional investors such as life assurance companies and company pension funds in Germany and abroad.
For over ten years CFE has been a partner of well-known companies, the upper-middle business sector, private equity firms and the workout / intensive care departments of banks.