The Company

The CFE was founded in 2009 as AG in Zurich. Share capital: 100,000 CHF

The holding company was merged into a transmission network from Switzerland to Malta from 2016-2018.

Following official cancellation in Switzerland after liquidation of the registered office in 2017, the process is completed.

CFE Ltd was founded in 2014. Currently, a capital increase as well as a change of the legal form into a Plc (corporation) is planned.

CFE as a consulting company belongs to a medium-sized group of companies independent of each other.

  • CFE is an independent consulting and service company.
  • CFE is financed via equity capital.
  • CFE's complete independence guarantees conflict-free, exclusive protection of client interests.
  • CFE acts according to a code of conduct.
  • CFE has comprehensive financial liability insurance to protect its clients.
  • CFE is certified according to DIN-ISO 9001ff.
  • CFE is certified in: financial planning, estate planning, receivership.
  • CFE is licensed to offer these consulting services: turn-around, round-table, KfW advice.
  • The CFE holds certified rating analysts: CRA (BdrA)

The Group owns extensive, self-administered stocks of real estate throughout Germany.

CFE administers apartment buildings, office and other commercial premises, commercial and apartment buildings for third parties throughout Germany with an asset volume of some EUR 1.2 billion.

Production departments at CFE are currently applying for certification as "rating analysts" and as certified "estate analysts" for licensing as rating agencies via the German Association of Rating Analysts (BdrA) in accordance with EU rating standards (EG No. 1060/2009).

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